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We invent apps, novels, video games and films for your life-style, your entertainment and which speak directly to the desires of your imagination and soul.

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What We Do Best

Game Development

Mobile Games and Computer Games to put you into the experience of quality action-oriented, exciting and riveting game play.

App Development

Functional, resourceful and dynamic apps that assist in your everyday work, play, casual and amazing life.

Fiction Writing

Novels and Novellas that you can indulge your dreams and fantasies into from our marvelous line of talented writers. 

Game Development

Find out more about our video game titles under production and out in the markets. Also visit our blogs on helpful tips and strategies in all things dealing with game development. Extremely helpful if you are an aspiring independent designer in the industry.   

App Development

Get more information on our newest and popular productivity apps. Find out more from our designers on what makes a great app and gain assistance on your own app development.


Learn more about our Novels and Novellas ranging from Science Fiction, Fantasy and Romance from many acclaimed authors. We also share some secrets on how to make the perfect audience grabbing story and other helpful writing advice.

Blog and News

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